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Ceramic Tiles

AQUA MIX CLEANERS – We are the preferred Aqua Mix applicators for Sydney


All Aqua Mix cleaners are non-acidic, they safely clean stone surfaces with formulas designed for both routine or heavy-duty cleaning.



A ceramic tile is amongst the most popular of flooring simply because of the ease of cleaning, particularly the glazed variety.Essentially ceramic is clay mud, mixed with various other natural minerals and materials,which when dried and then “Fired”, melt together forming a solid, hardened mass. A second firing process will leave a glass like glaze on the tile that is usually impervious to liquids. Tiles can be painted using a coloured, powdered glass compound, then “Fired” again to cause the glass to melt to the surface of the tile. A very durable solution to your flooring needs.

How can Hamilton’s help with the cleaning of your ceramic tiles?


While a glazed ceramic tile can be relatively easy for the homeowner to maintain , two things will occur over time. Firstly the grout lines and any contours or profiles in the tile will gradually collect dirt and cause build up and discolouration in these areas. Secondly after years of mopping  there will be a gradual build up of product residue causing a ‘greasy or ‘smeary’ look to the tile itself. Our full water capture cleaning method will restore your grout lines and tiles to their former glory.

What is Hamilton’s state of the art full water capture system?


State of the art full water capture cleaning sounds like quite a mouthful , but essentially we are following the very basic cleaning techniques that have been shown to be very effective on all floors regardless of the materials used.

1.Chemicals-Cleaning is simple chemistry – the correct products must be used in order to achieve the perfect result.

2.Dwell time – Any product that is used for cleaning must be allowed time to work. The old method of simply mopping on and mopping off is out of date and ineffective in the long run. Residue build up causing a cloudy or ‘smeary’ appearance is the most common problem in any dirty flooring situation.

3.Agitation – Possibly the most important of the stages. Hamilton’s will, after adequate dwell time, use a slow speed scrubber to agitate the dirt from all the cracks,profiles and grout lines of your floor.

4.Water temperature and vacuum – The hotter the better. This simple rule really allows us to achieve a streak free perfectly clean surface. After agitation, our state of the art full water capture machine really comes into its own. As can be seen on the various videos here the machine provides very hot water at whatever pressure we require for the task at hand (very high pressure for a dirty driveway and lower pressure for interior flooring – we must always be aware not to damage the grout lines). Coupled with attached vacuum we can achieve perfect water management in any environment. The vacuum draws all dirty residues from the floor and deposits it into a holding tank in the van parked out the front! A complete rinse can now be achieved with all contaminants removed from the premises.