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Celebrating 35 years

We are experts in cleaning, grinding and polishing tiles, grout and stone


We can also restore marble and granite bench tops or floors, honing and polishing them to remove signs of wear and tear and restore them to their former glory. With more than 3 decades of cleaning experience, the team at Hamilton's are trusted technicians when it comes to making your hard floor look its best, inside or out.

There are 10 common problems with natural stone. Marble, granite, limestone and other decorative stones are durable materials that will last a lifetime.

However, if not laid correctly or properly cared for, problems will occur that will shorten their life. Here are the most common.

At Hamilton's we use environmentally friendly techniques. Our full water capture system ensures that all residue and debris filters back into the waste tanks in our truck, rather than blasting into the surrounding environment.

Can’t tell your terracotta from travertine, your bluestone from porcelain? Click here to visually identify your stone, or call our experts on 02 9525 3377.