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Grout Cleaning & Recolouring

Over time, dirt builds up in grout lines that can be impossible to clean by simply mopping. Using our full water capture system we'll clean your dirty grout with a combination of hot pressurised water and powerful vacuum, preventing messy over-spray and leaving your tiles and grout looking like new.


Tile & Grout Sealing

Our skilled technicians can recommend and apply a suitable sealer to make your grout easier to maintain for years to come.

grout terracotta
After years of trying to get my floor clean, Hamilton’s came in with their industrial equipment and got into every nook and cranny, leaving the grout and tiles immaculately clean.
Joni Marrickville

Grout recolouring for a whole new look

Many people don’t realise you can recolour the grout between your tiles. Grout colourant is the perfect way to rejuvenate a tired looking floor or when the existing grout can’t be cleaned.

Is your grout discoloured and uncleanable?


Hamilton's to the rescue. We will recolour, seal and rejuvenate your existing grout lines and change the appearance and colour of faded, stained or patchy grout. There are more than 20 colours to choose from.

Click here for grout colour chart

We use AquaMix Grout Colourant - it dries like glass and is near impossible to stain. It's only available to professionals; you can’t buy it from Bunnings. Professionally applied, workmanship guaranteed.

Who’d have thought that changing the colour of your grout could change the whole look of your room?
Kathie Como