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Celebrating 35 years

Grinding and Polishing

At Hamilton's we are highly experienced in the exclusive care of marble and natural stone for both residential and commercial clients. The services we provide include:

  • Diamond Polishing System
  • Maintenance Cleaning And Sealing
  • Compound Polishing
  • Maintenance Polishing
  • Grout Cleaning
  • Epoxy Filing For Holes, Chips and Cracks
  • We use Klindex diamond floor pads for complete floor restoration and maintenance of all stone surfaces such as marble, limestone, terrazzo and others.

Diamond Polishing

Diamond Polishing is usually recommended on a marble or natural stone surface that is scratched, dull, or badly worn. The process entails a wet polishing system that leaves a clean smooth surface creating no dust. This fresh surface will enable the stone to be properly polished to the client’s specifications, allowing the natural lustre and color of the stone to shine through. Depending on the condition of the stone surface and the type of finish the client requests, the service technicians determine what process to use.

Once the Diamond Polishing process is complete, the floor is rinsed clean and thoroughly dried.