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Celebrating 35 years

We don't lay concrete floors - we polish them to reveal their beauty. No two are the same.


Polished concrete floors have become very popular. It's a beautiful surface that is easily maintained and highly durable, as well as being economical.



We can give you advice about enhancing the beauty of your existing concrete floor, or how to make the most of a new concrete slab pour to turn heads! Contact us for advice on your options.

What finish would you like?

Our experts can advise you about achievable finishes for your floor. Contact us today!

  • To achieve this look we grind 3-6mm of concrete from the surface of the poured slab to expose the aggregate fully. If the slab has been poured to be ‘dressed’ we should find a nice distribution of aggregate not far from the surface. We can then start the polishing process to whatever degree of gloss you prefer. This is a full grind and polish.
  • This is a concrete floor that is polished but has no aggregate exposed. The end result will depend on the way the concrete was poured, in this case the surface needs to be ‘helicoptered’ to leave a flat floor ready for polishing. These floors can have a ‘marbling’ look which is currently very popular.
  • Existing concrete slabs usually finish up with a rustic look, full of imperfections – and boy they can look great, really telling the story of the floor. This is because the slab was probably not poured for a ‘dressed’ finish and as a result the aggregate may not be evenly dispersed.